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The first version of the International Flags and Pennants came about in Britain in the 1830's for communication among ships and from ship to shore. Today, the International Code is still used by vessels, primarily when safety of a ship may be in question or there may be a need to communicate with a ships crew, particularly when there are language barriers. For this water colour series, I’m using each flag or pennant, with it's representation of the alphabet or numerical associated, to pay homage to some of the people and places of importance to me.

'2313' is an Homage to Mary 'Nan' Brown who passed in 2022 at the age of 92.  My Nan was an intrical part of my upbringing, apart of who l am, and l miss her every single day.  2313 was ingrained in me as soon as l was old enough to use a rotary phone. When Nan passed, l obviously had many memories and thoughts. One thought was, l have dialed 2313 for my whole life, and now, l won't ever do that again.

I hope you are seeing this Nan and know how very much you mean to me.

Paying Homage in Code: '2313'


    No mat or frame included. 

    14" X 18" Frame recommended

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